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 つきましては,詳細の手続きは,Oh-o! Meijiシステムを通じて学生の皆様にお知らせいたしますので,手続き方法をご確認ください。

 申請期間:6月23日(火)~7月3日(金) ※お知らせを掲出しておりますので,
Oh-o! Meijiシステムをご確認下さい。
 ①スマホ決済サービス「J-Coin Pay」により受取り
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明治大学校友会 北野大 会長からのメッセージ


June 18, 2020

To all students in Meiji University

Grant for Improving Print and Communication Environment

As already announced, Meiji University has decided to continue online classes during the second half of the 2020 Spring Semester (S2), while at the same time to ensure the safety of our students and academic staff.
According to the student survey regarding online classes conducted in the S1 term, we found that some students experienced difficulty in establishing a print and communication environment at home that was at the level needed for taking quality online classes.

In response, we at Meiji University have established a Student Emergency Relief Fund, funded by contributions and donations from alumni (200 million JPY) and by the university itself.
Making quick use of this fund, we have decided to provide a 10,000 JPY grant to support students so that they can take online classes in a better printing and communication environment.

The detailed procedure for application will be posted on the Oh-o! Meiji System shortly. Students who wish to apply for this grant are requested to login the system and follow the instructions.

Eligible Students: Students on degree courses can apply to receive the grant.
※ Please be reminded that the recipients of the Meiji University Student Emergency Assistance Fund will NOT be eligible for this grant.

Grant Amount
: 10,000 JPY per applicant

Application period
: June 23 (Tue.) - July 3 (Fri.)
※ Some messages how to apply for the grant were sent on the Oh-o! Meiji System. Please log in to the systm and read them carefully.

Method of Receipt: There are two options as follow.
Option 1. By smartphone payment service "J-Coin Pay"
Option 2. Through a personal account at a Japanese bank located inside Japan.

A Message from Dr. Kitano Masaru, Chairperson of the Alumni Association, Meiji University follows:

Our graduates are called “school friends” or "Kouyuu (校友)" at Meiji University. The purpose of the alumni association activities is to support its alma mater, but I believe that it is all about supporting students themselves. At this time, we decided to make a donation from the alumni association's fund to the Student Emergency Relief Fund which was newly established for the difficult circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new fund is to support students who suffer from unforeseen events in the mid to long-term. Under the university’s guiding principle of "We at Meiji are all one!” we will continue to contribute to the development and enrichment of our alma mater and support students so that they can realize their dreams and contribute to society.