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July 30, 2020
To all students at Meiji University
Additional Supportive Measures for Online Class Sessions
Conducted in AY 2020 Fall Semester

As already announced, Meiji University has decided to continue online classes and partially resume Face to Face class sessions during the 2020 Fall Semester, while at the same time ensuring the safety of our students and academic staff.

We at Meiji University are continuously aiming at improving the quality of online learning. In this regard we applying the results of the student survey conducted in the Spring Semester of 2020. We can assume that the volume of Internet communication will increase further from that of the Spring Semester. Also, it will be necessary for students to prepare for printing out material by themselves, which will lead to an increase in costs.

In line with this decision, we have decided to provide the additional financial support to create better printing and communication environments, in addition to the miscellaneous supportive measures that we have done so far such as provision of rental PCs and Wi-Fi routers for free and so on.

The details for this financial support will be posted on the Oh-o! Meiji System shortly. All eligible students are requested to log in to the system, read the notice.

Eligible Students:
All Students on degree courses
will be eligible for this support.
※ Please be reminded that students who are on “leave of absence(休学)” or
“removal from the School register(除籍)for the Fall Semester 2020 will NOT be eligible.

Grant Amount: 40,000 JPY per eligible student.

Method of receiving the grant: A detailed explanation will be posted on the Oh-o! Meiji System.