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2024年度:第1回 「次世代バイオマテリアル」を考える会「人工材料に如何して生命を吹き込むか?」生命機能マテリアル国際インスティテュート

明治大学 研究・知財戦略機構

2024年度:第1回「次世代バイオマテリアル」を考える会- (国際公開シンポジウム)
2024:The 1st Workshop for Next-generation Biomaterials -
(International Open Symposium)

“Materials with Life Functions: How do you give life functions to artificial biomaterials?”

演題(Title):Biomaterial Scaffolds for Hard and Soft Tissue Repair
講師(Lecturer):Prof. Serena Best
For many years, there has been interest in the use of biomaterials to replace human tissues damaged by injury or disease.  Over time, the materials of choice have gradually changed from those that simply offer mechanical support to those that interact directly with the biological environment. Focus is now on the recruitment and delivery of biological cells to assist in the repair process. With this move from tissue replacement to cell-mediated tissue reconstruction and regeneration, there is increasing need for the design of appropriate biomaterial scaffolds and membranes.  This talk will consider two materials, a bone graft substitute (hydroxyapatite) and collagen, a highly versatile and bioactive natural macromolecule. To optimise the repair processes when using these materials, it is important to understand their influence on cell behaviour. Choice of surface biochemistry also allows us to balance biological activity and mechanical performance. This talk will cover the recent work undertaken to study the structure and properties of scaffolds and membranes for a range of clinical applications in soft and hard tissue repair. 




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