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Departure to Arrival (School of Business Administration)

Three or four months before departure

  1. Passport
    Obtain a passport by application period. If you already have one, check the expiration date.
  2. Visa Application
    The office responsible for exchange students of Meiji University will submit the application of the “Certificate of Eligibility” on your behalf to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. Upon receipt of the certificate, the office will forward it through to your university.
    Applicants then take the official letter of acceptance from Meiji University and the Certificate of Eligibility to their local Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for the Japanese visa.
  3. Insurance Policy
    Exchange students must obtain an overseas travel insurance policy which covers the entire course of study. Policy payment is the responsibility of the students.
  4. Arrangement of Air Transportation
    The arrangement of air transportation is the responsibility of the students.  *International exchange students have to leave Japan as soon as the exchange program is over even if your student visa is still valid.

One or two months before departure

  1. Arrival Form
    The office of The School of Business Administration will send you an “Arrival Form”. Please complete the items regarding the time and date of your arrival as well as the flight number. Details on arrival procedures can be found on the documents attached to the “Arrival Form”.
  2. Preparation of Japanese Yen
    Please prepare the amount of Japanese Yen you will need at the time of arrival. To estimate the amount of money necessary for monthly living expenses, please refer to the document labeled “Estimated Expenses during the Exchange Period”.