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Curriculum System with three departments to meet the needs of the times

Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management offers a curriculum that ensures the development of future professionals in corporate management.

In the first year, students acquire the basic knowledge required for business administration by studying such subjects as Business administration, Modern economics, and Bookkeeping. In the second year, they study the overall structure of business management through such courses as Corporattion Theory and Management Theory. In the third and fourth years, students select subjects in accordance with their awareness of issues and academic interest. They enhance their expertise and deepen their understanding of corporate management through subjects related to international management strategy, management of human resources, and information and technology management.

Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting offers the necessary courses for specialists in the field of accounting to succeed in society. Accounting is a discipline in which knowledge is accumulated in stages.

In the first year, students take Bookkeeping (one of required courses in the school) and in the second year, courses such as Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Management Accounting, and Cost Accounting to establish a basic knowledge foundation. In the third and fourth years, students learn advanced accounting by taking specialized classes in the financial accounting field, such as Theory of Financial Statements and Auditing, and those in the management accounting field, such as Cost Management and Budgetary Control.

Department of Public Management

The Department of Public Management established in 2002 is the first department in Japan for the study of public management, such as management of NPOs. The curriculum of the department covers key areas from the basics of public management to the management of public organizations in a variety of different fields.

In the second year, students are required to take Public Management and Administrative Management, where they learn the basics of public management. In the third and fourth years, a variety of specialized classes are offered, such as public administration, management of local governments, and sports management, where students learn management of public organizations in a more specific manner.

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