Go Forward

OKURA, Manabu Dean of School of Business Administration, Manabu OKURA

The School of Business Administration at Meiji University has three departments: the Department of Business Management, established with the founding of the School; the Department of Accounting; and the Department of Public Management, established in response to the recent environmental changes and the needs of the times, aiming to realize modern and flexible learning. The School aims to develop “global management human resources” and to foster “value-creating human resources.” We offer various original programs in order to achieve these two aims.

As you will join one of these three departments from the second year, you will study Liberal Arts Subjects for the School of Business Administration, languages, and the basics necessary to prepare you for specialized learning in three departments in a focused manner during the first year. This will enable you to develop a vision to see things multi-directionally from the viewpoint of business management, accounting or public management.

Our School was the first established private School of Business Administration and boasts a depth of academic inquiry in business management. We are also proud of the School’s flexibility in adapting to the changing times. The School has adopted entrance exams including four English skills, career education from the first year, synergy with classes in English at the Graduate School, and the early graduation program, much earlier than other schools at the University. The curriculum itself pays respect to students’ active learning without allowing overseas study or qualification acquisition to affect the graduation requirements.

You should become greatly aware of multi-directional standpoints of consideration through learning in the School. Questioning the validity and rationality of things from various positions and viewpoints will become an important strength for your life in future society. You should cultivate abilities to think “Why it is so? And, why is such an idea appropriate?” on any matters and issues. This is because the necessary response capability in a fast-changing future society with diverse environments and values must be multi-directional and flexible. I would like you to be able to demonstrate management skills to find and solve issues in your circumstances without becoming too obsessed with any single piece of knowledge or idea. I wish you the best in becoming a flexible and strong individual on the world stage.

School of Business Administration
Dean, Manabu OKURA