Go Forward

Educational Policy and Education Goals

There are two kinds of ideals of human resources that the School of Business Administration is aiming at. One is global-managerial human resources who find and resolve a wide range of business challenges ranging from local regions to the whole globe, or from commercial matters to non-profitable matters, with a multifaceted perspective. The other is value-creating human resources who are able to find value in day-to-day operations and lead organizations as well as to develop new business environments. To accomplish these goals, the following types of applicants for enrollment are welcomed to the School of Business Administration:
1. those who desire to acquire a high level of ability in foreign languages and actively participate in the global society;
2. those who are willing to address the creation of new values; and
3. those who are interested in sustainable management and desire to address the resolution of problems faced by organizations.

In addition, each department welcomes for enrollment the following types of applicants with the desires described below:

The Department of Business Management welcomes applicants who desire to explore the enhancement of enterprise value by innovation and creation even in circumstances where the future is difficult to predict.

The Department of Accounting welcomes applicants who desire to assess and create value of organizations by means of accounting, which is a global business language.

The Department of Public Management welcomes applicants who desire to find and resolve social problems through activities of administrative organizations or public service organizations.

Efforts in Learning in High School or Other Educational Facilities Expected of Applicants for Enrollment

To become a person who can actively participate in the global society, linguistic ability, such as English ability, is necessary. In high school or other educational facilities, you need to make efforts to improve four kinds of skills in a balanced manner. In addition, a wide perspective, the ability to make appropriate decisions and the ability to cooperate with various people and organizations are required for management. To acquire these, you need to tackle various academic disciplines with interest regardless of whether a non-science field or in science field. It is also important to nurture a deep sense of humanity by playing a leading role in club activities or student-body activities, or by proactively participating in community activities or volunteer activities.