Go Forward

Our aim at the School of Business Administration is to produce graduates with well-rounded general learning in addition to expertise in their fields.

Students of the School of Business Administration are required to take a large number of general education and language courses through the 4-year curriculum. Specialist subjects, meanwhile, are taught in three discrete departments to enable students to delve more deeply into their chosen fields: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Public Management.

We offer International Business Program, which sends students overseas during spring or summer breaks for cross-cultural understanding, intensive study of business English and visits to local companies. Since 2014, we have also offered International Summer Institute for Business Management, which gives students an opportunity to study business-related subjects at University of Victoria in Canada. What is more, internships and field study programs offer overseas practical learning for the students.

In their first and second years, students focus mainly on general education subjects and languages, but compulsory specialist subjects such as business administration, modern economics, book keeping are also covered. Once they reach the third and fourth years, students shift their focus to specialist subjects with some language learning in the form of subscriptions to overseas publications.

All students sit the TOEIC test as a means of improving their practical English abilities. Students who aim to study abroad or to work in international business are also encouraged to have a high score in TOEFL. Students are expected to achieve a TOEIC score of at least 600 by the time they graduate. Meanwhile, the school also provides classes to help raise students’ report and dissertation writing abilities.

In addition, we hold practical exercise-based “seminar” courses in more than sixty subjects. Almost all students enroll in some seminars, which offer intensive study and small student-tutor ratios, and which students attend with their classmates and faculty. Seminar camps and parties are common, and provide wonderful opportunities for students to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Established in 1953, the Meiji University School of Business Administration was the first of its kind among privately-owned universities. As we contemplated our 60th birthday in 2013, we take immense pride in the success of our alumni who have made rewarding careers in the private sector (at for-profit and non-profit organizations) and government institutions, as well as in such specialized occupations as certified public accountants and tax accountants.

Equally impressive are the graduates who progress to the Graduate School of Business Administration and other post-graduate schools to pursue ever higher levels of expertise through master’s degrees and doctorates, with many going on to stellar careers as university lecturers and researchers.

Indeed, it is our mission to provide broad-ranging education so as to develop our students into competent adults with the potential to make a valuable contribution to global society.