List of Seminars (School of Business Administration)

Name Position Research Theme Message for Exchange Students
ABE Etsuo
Professor International Comparison of Business Development. I am teaching business culture and business history. Keywords in my research are market, strategy, structure, governance and culture.
ABE Taku
Associate Professor Anthropological Studies on Bali and Yunnan.

My specialty is anthropology (Area: Bali and Yunnan China). Students who are interested in Asian culture and want to make Japanese friends are welcome!

HAO Yan shu
Professor Human Resources Management of Japanese Companies in China. If you don't ask you don't get. The best is yet to come. To learn is good, to like better, to enjoy the best.
Associate Professor Exercise training for improving health and athletic performance. Cardiovascular, respiratory and body temperature regulation during exercise. The physiological functions of human body are regulated very well during exercise. Studying the exercise physiology will give you important knowledge of how the exercise provides benifits for health and athletic performance.
KATO Shizuko
Professor Business Management in Russia/Central and Eastern Europe. **FALL SEMESTER ONLY (Substitute instructor will be in charge of the seminar in spring semester.)**
At the start of a term, students themselves organize 3 or 4 antonomos groups, and each group chooses a topic related to musiness management, writes a report and makes a presentation at the term end. Discussion and presentation by the students are emphasized.
Associate Professor Intercultural Communication in Business. This seminar focuses on intercultural communication and global issues from a business perspective. In seminar classes, you will follow up areas of particular interest to share through reports and presentations. I very much welcome international and exchange students.
Associate Professor Public Policy and Management from a Comparative Perspective. One of the major thrusts of the class is to expose students to the general
contour of global public management transformation. In the class,
comparative analysis and case study are highly valued. Students are
encouraged to contribute the discussion by bringing out the cases of the country they are from.
Professor Humans, Organizations and Business in Knowledge Society. My students enjoy researching business and organizations which they are interested in and participate some presentations contest to report their study results. Through this process, students can learn business knowledge and develop social skills. We appreciate diversity and open-minded culture.
OISHI Yoshihiro
【Substitute instructor: FURUKAWA Hiroyasu】
Professor Global Marketing. Global Brand. **Substitute instructor will be in charge of Oishi seminar in 2018.**
We are studying Global Marketing of manufacturers, retailers, services and so on. Crossing national borders cause several problems because there are many differences between domestic and abroad. Resolving such problems is getting more and more important these days than before.
SHIMIZU Kazuyuki
Associate Professor Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibilities. CLOSED
SUMI Atsushi
Senior Assistant Professor Transcultural Management. The central theme of the seminar concerns the issue of "glocalization". You will examine how "global" and "local" are related in the manamegent strategic thinking when companies cross national borders. Example will be taken from both Japanese and foreign companies.
AOKI Katsuki
Associate Professor Business strategy and planning  CLOSED
Professor Study on Nonprofit Organizations, Social Enterprises and CSR. My research interest is to examine the potential of nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, social marketing activities, and public-private partnerships for resolving social issues. I hope that students will learn hybrid and multi-stakeholder approach to social problems beyond traditional public-private division.
Professor Emergent Processes of Inter-organizational Networks. My research focuses on corporate behavior from a puantitive approach. In my seminar classes,students actually visit Japanese corporations for research and make presentations on their findings.
 Professor Equip students with basic academic skills in English The aim of this semiar is primarily to equip students with basic academic skills in English including presentation, discussion, and writing essays and/or short research papers. My seminar will be conducted in English. Welcome to Meiji!!

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