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[School of Business Administration] Report on the 10th English Presentation Contest

Nov. 01, 2021

On Saturday, October 16th, about 30 students and faculties attended the commemorable 10th English Presentation Contest under the theme of "Making DX Work: From Management Students Perspectives".
On the DX, a hot topic these days, there were a wide variety of proposals unique to students studying business management. Among them, three teams that passed the document screening and one team that participated as an observer presented their research and survey results, which were graded by nine judges based on criteria such as "contents", "English skills" and "Presentation skills". This was the first time in two years that the tournament was held face-to-face, and each team made elaborate preparations to make the tournament enthusiastic.
After the students' presentation, the guest judge who is also the winner of the 8th contest gave a talk on "Expanding your potential by learning English", and more than half of the participants asked questions  during the Q & A session that followed.
The research themes of the winning teams are as follows:
1st place: "Making Long Distance (Work) Relationships Work"
2nd place: "Making DX Work for Better Quality of Life at Home DX of the People, by the People, for the People"
3rd place:  "DX - From Innovation to Standard"
Special prize: "DX, Not Yet Arrived:Thinking of Future of DX Future"