MBA, Meiji Business School

MBA 明治大学ビジネススクール 社会人大学院

オダ ヒデキ ODA Hideki, Visiting Associate Professor
職格 客員准教授
最終学歴 京都大学経済学部経営学科卒業
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Strategy for CFO and M&A Accounting

講義概要をさらに詳しく見る(Oh-o!Meiji System)




Recently, M&A activity has been increasing in the domestic market due to lack of successors, and in the overseas market due to intensifying global competition, market growth in emerging countries, and concerns about the shrinking domestic market, etc. Since M&A has a significant impact on companies in terms of finance, accounting, and taxation, CFO's active involvement in each step of the M&A process is essential for a successful M&A transaction. Learn about the perspectives that CFOs need to keep in mind in order to properly evaluate M&A transactions.


CaN International Groupパートナー。CaN International FAS株式会社取締役。

2014年、CaN International Advisory 株式会社に入社。海外進出時の現地マーケットや規制面のフィージビリティスタディや、現地企業との提携・出資に係るデューデリジェンスや交渉支援業務を担当する。
2015年、CaN International Advisory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.を立ち上げ、タイ法人代表に就任。タイにて、日系企業のタイ進出に係る各種コンサルティング及び、現地日系企業に対する各種支援業務に従事する。
2020年、CaN International FAS株式会社の取締役に就任し、主にクロスボーダー案件や国内案件に係るデューデリジェンス業務に従事する。
CPA-Japan. Partner of CaN International Group. Director of CaN International FAS Inc.
B.A. in Economics at Kyoto University.

Work at CaN International FAS Inc. from 2020 as the Director as well as a partner of CaN International Group. Mainly provide due diligence and financial advisory services for cross border deals as well as domestic deals.
Worked at CaN International Advisory (Thailand) Co., Ltd, as the Representative Director from 2015. Provide consulting services for Japanese companies to start up business in Thailand, and various supports for Japanese companies in Thailand.
Joined CaN International Advisory Inc. in 2014. Provided feasibility studies of local regulations and markets for overseas expansions, and due diligence and negotiation supports related to alliances and investments with/in local companies.
Worked for Deloitte & Touche Tokyo office from 2010. Provided financial auditing for financial institutions including global securities companies, global banks, and Japanese credit card companies.