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科目 担当者
Governance Studies 笠 京子
Intergovernmental Relations
Policy and Administration 田中 秀明
Administration and Management
Fiscal Policy 兼村 髙文
International Comparative Public Finance
Public Management Strategy 西出 順郎
Management of Public Institutes
Urban Spatial Policy  
Urban Management Policy
Local Government System 山下 茂
Local Government Policies
Theory of Policy-making Processes 松浦 正浩
Governance and Democracy
Local Governance 木村 俊介
Local Government Functions
Governance of Global Economy  加藤 竜太
Economic Development Policy Analysis
Environmental Policy in Developed Countries  
Environmental Policy in Developing Countries
Global Society Studies - Theory 笹岡 雄一
Global Society Studies - Institutions
Social Development Policy 源 由理子
Social Development Theory
Community-Based Development Practice  
Advanced Strategies for Community Engagement
NGO/NPO Policy 長畑 誠
NGO/NPO Management
Crisis Management Theory  
Crisis Management Policy
Thesis Writing A~F 笠 京子
田中 秀明
兼村 髙文
西出 順郎
山下 茂
松浦 正浩
木村 俊介
加藤 竜太
笹岡 雄一
源 由理子