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•  Spatial homogenization by perturbation on reaction-diffusion systems

•  1vN環境での聴き手を主体としたコミュニケーション支援の研究
            (A Study on Listener-centered Communication Support in the 1vN Environment)
•  A study on the one-row colored 𝔰𝔩3 Jones polynomials and tails for pretzel links
• A Study on the Continuum Representation Model of Feedforward Neural Network

•Visual tracking based on Correlation Filter with Adaptive Control Considering the Situation of Objects
•A study on visualization methods of Kleinian groups and their spread into artistic expression
         ( A Study on Anonymization of Personal Data based on Re-identification Risk )
         ( A Study for Selecting Targets with Different Visual and Selectable Widths on Graphical User Interfaces)
• 脅威情報とホワイトリストを用いたサイバー攻撃自動対処システムの研究
   (A Study on Automated Defense System based on Threat Intelligence and White List)
• Automatic Music Completion through Statistical and Musicological Modeling
• Mathematical and experimental study for global feedback system of oscillatory dynamics with the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction

•   運動予測に基づく視覚的運動と自己運動との関連性の認知メカニズムについての分析
          (Analysis of the Interpretive Mechanism Based on Motor Prediction about the Relationship between Visual Motion and Self-Motion)