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先端メディアサイエンス専攻          2 1


• Mathematical and experimental study for global feedback system of oscillatory dynamics with the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction

•   運動予測に基づく視覚的運動と自己運動との関連性の認知メカニズムについての分析

  (Research on consumer purchasing behavior by Bayesian modeling)
  (A study on incentives to a leakage of information asset caused by malicious insider)
•Research on Collision Safety for Self-Driving and Electric Cars 
  ( 自動運転車と電気自動車の衝突安全に関する研究)
•New Folding and Gluing Robot for Automatic Assemble of 3D Shapes   
  ( 三次元形状の自動組立用新規折畳みロボット)
•Model-aided understanding of farmers and hunter-gatherers in the Neolithic transition in Europe
  ( ヨーロッパにおける新石器時代移行への農耕民族と狩猟・採集民族の現象数理学的考察)

   (A Study on Capacitive Touchpanel Extension with "Printed" User Interfaces)
   (A Study on Extension of Fused Deposition Modeling Specific Expression and 3D Printing Techniques) 
• A Study on CAPTCHAs Accessible to People with Visual Impairment 
   (視覚障害者向けの CAPTCHAに関する研究) 
•Mathematical Models for Understanding the Tessellation Patterns on the Fruit Skins 
•General simulation-based approach for the manipulation with foldable objects by the robotic arms      
•A Study on Automated Defense System with Behavior Analysis Against Environment-Sensitive Malware  
    •Modeling and Simulation for Foldable Tsunami Pod
    •Two-Dimensional Behaviour of Solutions Arising in a Three-Species Competition-Diffusion System
    •The mathematical study of the pattern formations through non-local interactions
        (A study on the efficiency of high-speed trading and the Systemic risks of domestic financial institutions -Approach to liquidity risks from micro/macro Perspective-)
    •A study on pattern formation in crowd dynamics via mathematical modeling
    •Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Periodic Traveling Wave Solutions in Excitable Reaction-Diffusion Systems
    •Model aided understanding of harmful algal blooms
    •Development of Origami- Forming by Modeling and Simulation
    •Model-Aided Understanding of Pattern Formation in Chemotactic E.coli Colonies
    •Homogenization Approach to Filtration Combustion of Reactive Porous Materials: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
    •The tsunami propagation analysis and modeling of the land use and land cover effect for real-time tsunami inundation simulation
    •Mathematical and Experimental Study for Waves and Pattern Dynamics:Focused on Animal Locomotion and Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction
    •Model-Aided Understanding of Competitor-Mediated Coexistence  
    •Patterns appeared on the two-dimensional excitable media    
    •Detection of Changes in Non-Linear Dynamics and Its Application to Marketing
    •Evolutionary Game Theory and Its Application to Modeling of Economic Behavior
    •Information Security Systems for the Smart Grid