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The Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines reduced to Level 2 from July 1st. In principle, students should refrain from entering the campus, however, some facilities approved by the university may be used.
If you feel anxious about your physical condition while staying in the facility and want to visit the clinic at the university, please call us in advance to notify staff as you enter the clinic. This is very important for the safety of you and staff.

*If any medical tests are needed, you may be referred to another medical institution. We cannot perform any medical tests.
*Because of the spread of COVID-19 and restrictions on entering the campus, do not visit the clinic directly.

Open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9301200 / 13301630
                   Saturday  9001200 (Unavailable for Doctors. Consultation with Nurses only.)

*University clinic in Spring Semester open until July 31, 2020.

  9:30〜12:00 13:30〜16:30
内科 内科
内科 内科
休診(看護職対応) 休診(看護職対応)
内科 内科
内科 内科

【連絡・問い合わせ先】 TEL 03-5343-8078