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(For Exchange Students) “Japanese Language Program for International Students”

2. “Japanese Language Program for International Students”

There are 9 levels of Japanese language classes in the Japanese Language Program. Classes are conducted in Surugadai Campus.

(1) Students who can register for “Japanese Language Program for International Students”

-This course is available for exchange students. Credits can be earned as well.
-If you are a degree-seeking graduate student who wishes to take the Japanese Language class, it depends on the department you belong to whether you can take the course or not. Please contact the International Student Office (Japanese).

(2) “Japanese Language Program for International Students”

There are the following 9 levels in Japanese Language Program.
For information on available courses, please see the syllabus and the timetable for the current academic year.

Subject Level Contents
Japanese 1 to Japanese 3 Introductory, Beginner There are three levels. Students can start from those who have never studied Japanese before and learn the Japanese used in daily life and student life at the university. This course aims to achieve a basic level of Japanese that will be useful for study and research at the university. There are four classes per week.
Japanese 4 to Japanese 8 Pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate There are 5 levels. Students can learn Japanese language skills that will be useful for study and research at universities. Each level has both comprehensive and skill-based courses, and students can choose the courses they need. Comprehensive subjects for Japanese 4 to 6 are offered three times a week, and all other subjects are skill-based and offered once a week.
Japanese (Advanced) Advanced Classes are divided by skills and are designed to help students acquire more advanced Japanese language skills. 1 class is offered per week.
Class level will be determined from the results of the placement test conducted before the class starts.

(3) Achievement Goals

The Japanese 1-8 levels of the Japanese Language Program for International Students have achievement goals set for each of the four language skills. Each subject has learning objectives in line with these goals.Each subject has learning objectives in line with these goals.

(4) How to register

[Schedule for Spring Semester AY2024]
If you wish to take Japanese language courses for Spring 2024, please answer our survey by February 9 (Fri). If you do not respond, you will not be able to take Japanese courses.
For details, please click HERE

(5) Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Please tell me the level of Japanese 1 to 8.

The level of the class goes up from Japanese 1 to Japanese 8. Please refer to Syllabus for the detailed class contents.
For the class level of each subject, please refer to the "Achievement Goals for Japanese Language Program*".
*Currently only the Japanese version is available. English version is coming up soon.

Students will be required to take the Meiji University Japanese Web Test before the class begins. If there is any discrepancy between the courses the student wants to take and the level of students enrolled, Japanese Language Education Center may recommend that the student take the appropriate course.

Q2. Can I take classes at different levels?

No, you can't. Japanese classes are held by level. Students must take classes at the same level.
(Example: If you are taking Japanese 5 (comprehensive), you should also take reading, speaking, and written courses at the Japanese 5 level.)

Q3. Do I have to attend all classes with multiple classes a week?

Yes. You can't register for the course if you can't attend all of them.

Q4. Do I need to buy textbooks?

Yes. Students are required to purchase the textbooks and workbooks (officially published) designated by the university. You can purchase them at a bookstore affiliated with Meiji University. You may also purchase them on your own at bookstores, online stores, etc.

Q5. I studied Japanese on my own. I don't know the right level for me.

In such cases, please check the guidelines for the levels listed in Syllabus and Q1, and confirm a course that you think is suitable for your level. After that, Meiji University will introduce you to take the Japanese web test. This web test will determine your Japanese language level and will inform you of the appropriate courses.

Q6. Can I change the courses I want to take after the Semester starts?

Only Japanese language courses can be changed if permitted by your school or Japanese Language Education Center. However, the reason for the change is only a level mismatch.

Q7. Does it cost a fee to take Japanese classes?

If you are an exchange student or a degree-seeking graduate student at Meiji University, there is no fee for this course. However, you will need to purchase textbooks on your own.

(6) Japanese Language Online Test

Exchange students who wish to study Japanese language at Meiji University are required to take Japanese Language Online Test, referring “Implementation Manual for Meiji University Japanese Language Online Test” and “Procedure Manual for Meiji University Japanese Language Online Test”.
The ID and password for taking the Japanese-language online test will be sent by Japanese Language Education Center to those who submitted the questionnaire above.


Japanese Language Education Center (International Student Office)