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<BL>の国際的な広がりと、各国のLGBTQ(11/25・11/26)/LGBTQ Issues and the Globalization of “BL”

明治大学 国際日本学部


来る1125日(土)・26()に、中野キャンパスにて、科研費国際シンポジウム「<BL>の国際的な広がりと、各国のLGBTQ」を下記の要領で、日英両言語で実施します(25日は、日英両言語で開催/各言語翻訳あり。26日は日本語ベース。Keynote Speechのみ英語、日本語翻訳あり)。

We will hold an international symposium on “LGBTQ Issues and the Globalization of ‘BL’” on November 25thand 26th at our Nakano Campus. Language: Japanese and English (Presentations on the 25th will be in either English or Japanese with translations provided into the other language. Presentations on the 26th will be in Japanese, except the keynote speech, which will be in English with Japanese translation).


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*Admission Is Free and Open to the General Public. 
  Please register via the link bellow by the day before the date(s) you would like to attend.


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アクセスマップ(Access Map): www.meiji.ac.jp/koho/campus_guide/nakano/access.html



 LGBTQ Issues and the Globalization of “BL”


日時:20231125日(土)・26日(日) 午前10時~午後6

November 25 (Sat.) and November 26 (Sun.), 10:00–18:00


Venue: 5th Floor Hall, Low-Rise Wing, Meiji University Nakano Campus




Japanese boys love (BL), a female-oriented media genre which depicts male–male romance, is currently spreading overseas beyond the borders of Japan. In addition, an increasing amount of BL media and related culture is being reimported into Japan from Thailand, China, the Philippines, and elsewhere. In this context, it has become clear that the relationship between BL and LGBTQ culture in each region is different. Unlike in Japan, for instance, BL fans and members of the LGBTQ community in many places around the world sometimes hold joint events. At this international symposium, researchers and organizers of BL events from various countries will explore the relationship between BL and the LGBTQ community and culture in the countries which they research or are active in the fandom.

*プログラム* Program



〔Global BL: Case Studies 各国事例報告と意識調査〕

日英両言語で開催 Language: English & Japanese


ご挨拶と概要の報告 Opening Remarks 10:00–10:25

藤本由香里 Yukari Fujimoto & ジェームズ・ウェルカー James Welker


海外のファンイベント Overseas Fan Events 10:30–12:40

Fen Garza フェン・ガルザ (Mexico: Oops! Summer Fest)

Oops! We Got Bigger: Mexico’s BL Events and Their Thriving Community



Kristine Michelle Santos クリスティン・ミシェル・サントス (Philippines: BLush)

 Delulu Is the Only Solulu: BLush as a Safe Space for Queer “Delusions” in the Philippines



Julie Debelhoir ジュリー・ドベルワール (France: Y/CON)

 Bringing People Together Around LGBT Narratives: France’s Y/CON as a Social Event



コメンテーター Discussant

James Welker ジェームズ・ウェルカー

(神奈川大学教授 Professor, Kanagawa University)


国内外の事例報告 13:50–16:10

Reports on Domestic and Overseas Media and Fans

*藤本由香里 Yukari Fujimoto (明治大学教授 Professor, Meiji University)


Roman JUNE Magazine as a Shared Space of Community for Gay Men and Boys Love Fans


*欧卓英  Zhuoying Ou (明治大学大学院修士 M.A., Meiji University)


 Chinese Fujoshi’s Attitudes Toward Gay Men as Revealed in the Use of “Nise-fu” (Fake Fujoshi/Fudanshi)


*金孝眞 Hyojin Kim

(ソウル大学助教授 Asssistant Professor, Seoul National University)


Women’s Narrative and Yuri/BL in Korea


James Welker ジェームズ・ウェルカー

Overseas Trans* Fans of BL, Yuri, and Trans Media

海外のノンシスジェンダーのB L・百合のファン


コメンテーター Discussant

守如子 Naoko Mori (関西大学部教授 Professor, Kansai University)


BLファンの意識に関する調査報告」  16:30–17:30

 A Report on the Results of a Social Survey of BL Fans

石田仁 Hitoshi Ishida (淑徳大学教授Professor, Shukutoku University)

佐藤麻衣 Mai Sato 淑徳大学兼任講師 Lecturer, Shukutoku University,)


全体質疑 Discussion: 17:40–




 BL in Thailand タイB L


 Language Japanese (Keynote Lecture: English with Japanese Translation)



「タイB L」とは?  What Is Thai BL   10:00–12:00

*ヴィニットポン(石川)ルジラット Rujirat (Ishikawa) Vinitphol

(青山学院大学助教 Assistant Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)


A History of the Import of Japanese BL into Thailand


*トマス・ボーディネット Thomas Baudinette (Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University)


The History and Future of BL/Y Dramas in Thailand’s LGBTQ Media Culture


*諸橋美沙穂 Misaho Morohashi (新潟大学博士後期課程 Ph.D. Candidate, Niigata University)


  Thai Series Y and Thai Shipping Culture


コメンテーター Discussant

前川直哉 Naoya Maekawa

  (福島大学准教授 Associate Professor, Fukushima University)


タイB Lとファンダム Thai BL and Fandom 13:00–15:00


Artch Bunnag アット・ブンナーク (文化評論家 Cultural Critic)


Sao Y”: A History of BL Fandom in Thailand


*嶋内佐絵 Sae Shimauchi

 (東京都立大学准教授 Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)


The Reception and Fandom of Thai BL in Japan


*長池一美 Kazumi Nagaike (大分大学教授 Professor Oita University)


The Reception of BL in East Asia: A Discussion of Interview and Survey Results


コメンテーター Discussant

堀あきこ Akiko Hori (関西大学非常勤講師 Part-Time Lecturer, Kansai University,


基調講演 Keynote Lecture 15:1516:10

Natthanai Prasannam ナッタナイ・プラサーンナーム

Professor, Kasetsart University

Creatively Queered Bodies: Sissyphilia in Thai Boys Love/Y Literary and Screen Media




総合討議:<BL>文化とLGBTQ 16:25–17:55


General Discussion: “BL” Culture and LGBTQ Issues


終了 Closing 18:00




科学研究費補助金・基盤研究(B) 研究代表者:藤本由香里 課題番号:19H04388


This symposium is supported by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) program from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.