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演習(ゼミナール)紹介[森川嘉一郎 MORIKAWA Kaichiro]

明治大学国際日本学部 演習(ゼミナール)紹介
森川嘉一郎 准教授
 MORIKAWA Kaichiro
(担当科目) 日本先端文化論/ (Lecture) Otaku Culture
(開講言語) 日本語または英語 / (Language) Japanese or English

■演習テーマ / Theme

This seminar invites students who wish to research Japanese pop-culture, especially manga, anime and games, as well as those who are interested in urbanism and design. Studies focusing on particular authors, genres, fan-groups, communities or places, together with their interrelations, are welcome.
The seminar also offers an option to let the students produce art works instead of research papers, on the condition that the works are published and distributed in public venues. There have been members who took up making manga fanzines to be distributed at the Comic Market, executing exhibitions, creating short films, making computer games, among many others. Some have entered professional venues during the course, reaching the point of getting their manga published in commercial manga magazines.

■授業内容 / Activities
In the first half of the semester, students are to concentrate on determining their interests and pursuits, together with suitable research methods. Digging and mining referential materials are also essential. Every week, the students shall present their progress, followed by discussion. In the second half of the semester, more time shall be devoted to the execution of individual research, whether it be fieldwork, interviews, or experimentation. At the end of each semester, the students are to compile their progress into booklet-form or otherwise.

Further research shall be conducted, either by extending one's previous year's project, or by starting a project totally anew. Adding historical and international perspectives are encouraged, as well as the pursuit of a well-designed book-form presentation.