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演習(ゼミナール)紹介[ヴァシリューク,スヴェトラーナ VASSILIOUK, Svetlana]

明治大学国際日本学部 演習(ゼミナール)紹介
ヴァシリューク,スヴェトラーナ 教授 

(主要担当科目)  国際関係論 / (Lecture) International Relations
(開講言語) 英語 / (Language) English

■演習テーマ / Theme
“International Relations in Northeast Asia with the focus on Japanese Foreign Policy”

This seminar offers lectures, discussions, and readings reflecting on contemporary international relations in Northeast Asia (NEA), with a special focus on Japan’s foreign policy. Topics covered include: Japan’s participation in the military conflicts of the late 19th-early 20th centuries; Japan’s Pacific War (1937-1945); key issues in Japan’s postwar relations with major powers in the region; and the impact of the declining power of the US in regional and global affairs. In the course of two years, students will participate in field trips, attend public talks, and prepare reports and news analyses pertaining to the topics covered in class.
■授業内容 / Activities
<3年次 /3rd Year>
This seminar will begin with an overview of Japan’s history of foreign relations, providing students with the historical frameworks for explaining and understanding Japan’s contemporary international relations in NEA. The seminar lectures, discussions, and readings will focus on a variety of core topics, such as: imperialism in NEA and Japan’s participation in major military conflicts of the 19th-early 20th centuries; Japan’s Pacific War (1937-1945); the core issues in Japan’s relations with key powers in the region; the rise of “the rest” and the emerging new world order.

<4年次/4th Year>
The following topics will be covered: the impact of the declining power of the US in the regional and global perspectives; the origins of Japan’s major territorial disputes in NEA; history of the dispute negotiations and overview of the most feasible approaches to the settlement of Japan’s territorial issues; and the future prospects for Japan’s relations with the key powers in NEA. At the end of the 4th year, students will write and present a research paper (thesis) covering one of Japan’s territorial disputes or any other controversial issue in Japan’s foreign relations in NEA.