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クエク,マーリ QUEK Mary

クエク,マーリ QUEK Mary
職格 特任准教授
学位 PhD
最終学歴 Oxford Brookes University, UK
研究業績等 教員データベース
専攻分野(研究分野) Business History, Hotel Management, Tourism Studies.





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Hello Students, I was born and raised in Singapore and worked in the service industry for more than 12 years before embarking into the education sector.  I have been very fortunate in that I have gained rich life and professional experiences living in different countries, and working with people from all walks of life.  My international work experience has been gained in Singapore with JTB Ltd, the USA with Marriott International, and Japan and the UK with Hosei University and the University of Hertfordshire,  respectively.   I have always derived great job satisfaction in getting to know my students, and helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their future career development.  Therefore, I’m looking forward to working with you.  One of my hobbies is travelling the globe to taste local cuisines and beverages, and learning different traditions and cultures.  Hence, naturally, my research interests are related to the travel industry.  My main interest is in the international hotel industry, and its historical development.  My new areas of interest are the Japanese hospitality industry and Japanese tourism development.  If you share the same research interests, please touch base for a chat.