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Campus Mate is a student organization which aim is to foster international and cross-cultural understanding on the Meiji University and support the school life of international student. About 40 Meiji University students belong to Campus Mate. 

活動紹介 / Activities

キャンパスメイトは大学の国際交流・留学生支援行事の運営を担っているほか、毎月の独自企画イベントや火曜日(不定期)に和泉キャンパス国際交流ラウンジにて「Campus Mate Day」という国際交流イベントを行っています。これらは日本人学生も外国人留学生も参加することができますので、イベントを通して異文化交流を活発に行い、友達づくりや異文化理解のきっかけにしてください。沢山の学生の参加をお待ちしています!

  Campus Mate is in charge of managing the university's international exchange and international student support events. In addition, Campus Mate holds its own monthly events and an international exchange event called "Campus Mate Day" on Tuesdays (irregular) in the International Lounge at the Izumi Campus. These events are open to both Japanese and international students, and students are encouraged to actively engage in cross-cultural exchange through these events so that they could make new friends and gain a better understanding of different cultures. Feel free to join us!
Campus Mate Day / キャンパスメイトデイ
 Campus Mate Dayとは、放課後に外国人留学生や日本人学生が気軽に集まり、文化体験やミニゲームなどを通して交流をすることを目的としたイベントです。ぜひお気軽にご参加ください。

  ■日時:火曜日(不定期) 17:30~19:00 
  ■場所:和泉キャンパス 第一校舎一階 国際交流ラウンジ

・言語 de 遊ぼう

Campus Mate Day is aimed to get together international and Japanese students afterschool, and enjoy Japanese cultural events and games. Feel free to join us! We are waiting for you.
To get detail information of event, please check the latest information by their Instagram account.

■Day and Time: Tuesdays (irregular) 17:30~19:00
■Place: International Lounge, 1st floor of the Building 1, Izumi Campus

<Past events>
・Word game
・Halloween Party
・Write New Year's Card and make hand-made stamp

キャンパスメイトのイベントに参加する / Participate in Campus Mate Events

Please click here to get information of upcoming events and updated information.

キャンパスメイトの一員として活動する / Become an Active Member of Campus Mate


If you are interested to act as management member of the Campus Mate, please join “Campus mate’s guidance” held in the spring semester. International Students acting member is also welcomed!

Tandem Language Exchange Online

  • キャンパスメイトは国際教育センターとの共催で、明治大学の協定校の学生と交流するオンラインイベントを実施しています。
  • Campus Mate co-hosts an online event with the International Student Center to interact with students from partner universities.
  • Tandem Language Exchangeの活動報告について