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Campus Mate is a student organization whose aim is to promote international and cross-cultural understanding of Meiji University by creating opportunities to interact among students. We have about 40 members.

活動紹介 / Activities




We are in charge of managing the university's international exchange and international events. We hold monthly events(irregular), mainly in the International Lounge at the Izumi Campus. These events are open to both Japanese and international students, and students can experience cross-cultural exchange through these events so that they could make new friends and gain a better understanding of different cultures. Feel free to join us!

<Past events>
・Soccer Game Watching(collaboration with Meiji Football Club)
・Fake Food Making
・Zojo-Ji Walking

キャンパスメイトのイベントに参加する / Participate in Campus Mate Events

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キャンパスメイトの一員として活動する / Become an Active Member of Campus Mate

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