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演習(ゼミナール)紹介[琴 仙姫 KUM Soni]

明治大学国際日本学部 演習(ゼミナール)紹介
琴 仙姫 特任講師
 KUM Soni
(担当科目) メディア・アート / (Lecture) Media Arts
(開講言語) 英語 / (Language) English
■演習テーマ / Theme

Contemporary Art / Film and New Media / Curatorial Practices / Performance

This seminar is designed for students who are interested in contemporary art, cinema, performing arts, music, dance, literature, and art management. The participants will expand their understanding of contemporary art through both practical and theoretical study processes. These cultural spheres have been in close dialogue with recent global phenomena, such as migration, global inequality, economic disparity, the environmental crisis, the global pandemic, post-colonialism, war, religious conflicts, and racism. Along with learning various art theories and practices from around the globe, we are going to perform an in-depth examination of society through reading critical theories. Various texts from humanities and social science, as well as visual examples of artworks will be presented in each class.
This seminar encourages students to see cultures and “the world” in a more expansive and dynamic manner. It provides students with an introductory ground to think beyond existing limited cultural conditions and perspectives. It will enable them to form their own research methods and themes through the approach of transculturality. Students interested in philosophy, sociology, psychoanalysis, and critical studies are also welcome.

■授業内容 / Activities
<3年次 /3rd Year>
At the beginning of this seminar, each student will be asked to choose their area of study or the research theme they would like to explore in-depth. They can choose any topic related to art or sociology.
Part of the course will comprise student presentations. Participants will give presentations on their research or creative project/artwork, followed by a Q&A session and an interactive discussion.
The students are encouraged to work both individually and in collaboration.
At the end of each year, we will facilitate a collaborative exhibition on campus.
The students will be divided into a curator/producer group and an artist group.
The curator/producer group will manage the event, while the artist group will focus on creating, exhibiting, and performing at the event. The artwork can take the form of either visual artworks to be exhibited in the exhibition space or music, dance, or theater performances in a theatrical setting.
By producing an actual art event on campus, the students will learn valuable event management and production skills through a collaborative effort.

<4年次/ 4th Year>
Same as above.