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新入生のオリエンテーションと在留手続き/ Orientation and Immigration Procedure

【重要/Important】新型コロナウイルス感染症の対応について/ COVID-19 travel restrictions

①新入外国人留学生のためのオリエンテーションについて/ Orientation for New International Students

※2020年4月7日更新 / Updated on April 7, 2020

②新入生の在留手続きについて/ Immigration Procedure

International students who wish to study in Japan must obtain a resident status. Depending on whether you currently live in Japan or abroad, the visa application procedure differs. Please refer to the details below and follow the adequate procedure.

(1)日本国内在住者について/ For those living in Japan

在留資格「短期滞在」の方は「(2)国外在住者について」をご覧ください。/ If you are living in japan with a short-stay visa, please refer to (2)For those living outside Japan

(2)日本国外在住者について/ For those living outside Japan

在留資格認定証明書の交付審査には約3か月の期間を要します。書類がそろい次第,速やかに提出してください。It normally takes about three months to receive the result of your CoE application. Please prepare all required documents, and submit them as soon as you decide to enter Meiji University.

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