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Japanese Language Education

1. Japanese Language Courses in Meiji University

Meiji University offers 2 types of Japanese Language Education; (1) Japanese language courses for privately financed undergraduate students ("Nihongo") and (2) Japanse language courses for exchange students ("Japanese Language Program for International Students").

(1) Japanese language courses for privately financed undergraduate students: "Nihongo"
This course is designed to help students acquire the advanced reading comprehension, higher-level expression, and writing skills necessary for university study.
For details, please refer to the following page.
 ⇒Japanese Language Courses for Undergraduate Students (Japanese Only)

(2) Japanse language courses for exchange students: "Japanese Language Program for International Students"
There are nine levels in this course: "Japanese 1-8" for beginner to upper-intermediate, and "Japanese (Advanced)" for advanced levels. The results of the placement test given before the semester determines the level of courses that students can take. In Japanese language classes, students can learn Japanese for daily life at the university, as well as more advanced Japanese for use in classes and research.
For details, please refer to the following page.
 ⇒(For Exchange Students) “Japanese Language Program for International Students”

2. Japanese Office Hour (Japanese Learning Support)

Japanese Office Hours are a time for faculty members of the Center for Japanese Language Education to answer questions and provide consultation to international students regarding Japanese language and Japanese language study, such as how to study Japanese, assignments in Japanese classes, etc. Japanese language textbooks are also available to borrow. Please feel free to join us.

3. Meiji University Japanese Language Program (MJLP)

This program is held every summer and winter for international students who come to Japan for a short period of time (2 to 3 weeks). The program consists of about 45 hours of Japanese language classes and Japanese cultural activities (such as wearing yukata and kimono). During the program, student supporters from Meiji University will support the students in their studies and daily life in Japan, so that they can interact with students from Meiji University. In addition, those who wish to participate in the program can experience life in a Japanese home through a homestay.
For details, please refer to the following pages.

4. Online Learning Materials (e-learning)

This is an online site developed for those who have not yet learned Japanese, where you can learn hiragana, katakana, and basic greetings. This site also provides video clips of the Meiji University campus and university life for international students who wish to study at Meiji University in the future.


5. Japanese Language Speech Contest for International Students

The "President's Cup Japanese Language Speech Contest for International Students" has been held annually since 1996 to improve the Japanese language skills of international students and to promote interaction among students.
Participants are provided with three to four Japanese language advisors, mainly members of Campus Mate (Meiji University's official international exchange organization), who work with them to polish their speeches until the final performance.
The contest provides a valuable opportunity for the participants to have their opinions heard by a large audience, to improve their Japanese language skills, and to engage in meaningful mutual exchanges with Japanese students.

Japanese Language Education Center, Meiji University (International Student Office)