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English Track Online Orientation - SPRING 2022

Welcome to Meiji University!

 Welcome to the School of Global Japanese Studies (SGJS), Meiji University! We are excited to have you join our SGJS community. We will hold orientations mainly online. There will be an on-campus orientation, so please check your schedules below and be sure you know what to do before your first semester starts.


Event Date Place
Online SGJS orientation
*Make sure you watch all videos on this page by April 7.
April 1 - 7 Online
On-campus SGJS orientation
Picking up Student ID card
*Only for those who are in Japan
April 4 10:30 am– 12:00 pm Room 308 (High-rise wing, 3F)
International Student Event April 4 1:30 pm -  Room 515 (High-rise wing, 5F)
On-campus health check-up
*Only for those who are in Japan
For details, please see this page
April 5 9:00 am - 10:30 am Female
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Male
Atrium on 1F
Spring semester classes start April 8  
Course registration period (online) April 13  1 pm - April 15 12 pm  

Orientation Handouts

Academic Year Calendar and Schedule 

 Academic Year 2022 English Track Catalog 

We will hand out the printed booklet at the orientation on April 4. You will use this catalog throughout your studies at Meiji University. The information in this catalog is applicable to all phases from enrollment to graduation, and also includes matters such as leave of absence and retention. You receive this catalog in your first year only. Please store it carefully and be sure not to lose it. 

 Academic Year 2022 English Track <Course Registration Handbook> 

This booklet provides important information on course registrations for each academic year. You will receive this syllabus each year in April. Please carefully read this by the start day of classes.

 Class Schedules and Course Descriptions (To be updated on April 1)

You can download timetables and course descriptions and lesson plans for all courses offered in academic year 2022. Please choose courses based on these documents. 

▶ Oh-o!Meiji Manual 

Quick guide *Important
User manual

▶ Online class manual (Available from April 3)
After you gain access to Oh-o!Meiji system on April 3, please access the link for the manuals for taking online courses at Meiji University.  You must understand how you will join online classes before the start day of classes. Especially, please note that you will have to "Self-enroll" for courses you wish to register, once you have access to Oh-o!Meiji system on April 3. 

 Handouts related to specific courses at SGJS

Quarter-length courses
About Liberal Arts Studies A/B

 Textbook purchase 

[For those who are in overseas and applied to "Special Consideration to take classes at home"]
Please follow directions sent by email.

[For those who are in Japan]
■Steps to buy textbooks (Only for those who are in Japan)
1 Refer to course syllabus and textbook list and check which ones to purchase. (look for "ET" in "組" column for English required course textbook)
   Textbook list for SGJS students 
2 Purchase textbooks at Nakano campus 
Date: From April 6 - April 22 (tentative)
Place: Research Seminar Room 3, 6F of high-rise wing


Orientation Videos

1. English Track New Student Guidance

In this orientation, you will know about...

*Click the image to play

1. Mission and educational objectives of School of Global Japanese Studies
2. Curriculum details

2. Enrollment Guidance

In this orientation, you will know about...

1. Program requirements
2. Credits and types of courses
3. Course registration rules 
4. Evaluation and GPA
5. Student support

[Important note] 
・You will be able to access Oh-o!Meiji system from April 3. Please access the system as soon as you can, and self-enroll for courses you wish to register. To see how to self-enroll for courses, please see this document.
・Required courses will be registered by the School Office automatically. 
・Registration for Japanese language courses (electives) will be done in the first class, so make sure you self-enroll and attend the first class. You cannot register for Japanese language courses using the Web Registration System.

Web Registration System (From April 13, 1:00 pm  - April 15, 12:00 pm)

3. General Study Guidance

In this orientation, you will know about...

[Handout] English Track General Study Guidance [How to write a report]

1. How you study effectively at the university
2. Notes for writing reports and assignments

4. Student-life Guidance

In this orientation, you will know about...

1. How to access university resourses
2. What to be aware of on campus