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修士学位ガイドラインについて/ Guidelines for Acquiring a Master's Degree


Students shall follow the "Guidelines for Earning Master's Degree for Graduate School of Science and Technology" with adequate instruction by supervisor.
- For students who enrolled in 2017 or 2018 academic year
- For students who enrolled in 2019 academic year
- For students who enrolled in 2020 academic year

修士学位請求スケジュール / Schedule

※2019年7月31日更新(Updated on July 31st, 2019)

修士学位請求スケジュール/Master's Thesis Submission Schedule   
※2020年3月修了者用/For students completing in March, 2020.

Submission from students without online pre-registration cannot be accepted.

<予備登録期間/Online Pre-registration Period>
December 9th (Mon) to 11th(Wed), 2019

<予備登録フォーム/Online Pre-registration Form>
Link of the website will be available on top page of Graduate School of Science and Technology website during the above period.

After completing online pre-registration, read the following guidelines carefully and submit the master's thesis along with other required documents on the designated date.

各種資料・書式 / Guideline and Forms

※2019年12月1日公開(Updated on December 1st, 2019)

修士学位請求論文作成・提出要領 / Submission Guidelines for Master's Thesis
各種書式 / Forms
(1) 学位請求書/ Application for Degree
*Use a computer to fill out the form except student's name.
・全専攻(I-AUD除く/Except I-AUD)   【WORD】  【PDF】

(2) 論文表紙 / Thesis Front Cover Page
*Use a computer to fill out the form. Hand-writing is not acceptable.
・全専攻(I-AUD除く/Except I-AUD)   【WORD】  【PDF】

(3) 論文セット図 / How to Prepare Master's Thesis  【PDF】

(4) 私費製本依頼申込書兼領収書 / Applicaition Form and Receipt for Thesis Bookbinding (Personal Use)  【PDF】

【論文タイトル記載の際の注意点/ Notes for Thesis Title
*Write the spaces, Italic type, or any special characters clearly.
*If there is a subtitle, please describe it as shown on the sample. Do not use “~”