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修士学位ガイドラインについて/ Guidelines for Acquiring a Master's Degree


Students shall follow the "Guidelines for Earning Master's Degree for Graduate School of Science and Technology" with adequate instruction by supervisor.
For students who were enrolled in 2017 or 2018 academic year:
- For students who enrolled in 2017 or 2018 academic year
- For students who enrolled in 2019 academic year

修士学位請求スケジュール / Schedule

※2019年4月18日更新(Updated on April 18, 2019)

修士学位請求スケジュール/Master's Thesis Submission Schedule   
※2019年9月修了者用/For students completing in September, 2019.

Submission from students without online pre-registration cannot be accepted.

<予備登録期間/Online Pre-registration Period>
June 7 (Fri.), 2019, 9:00-23:00

<予備登録フォーム/Online Pre-registration Form>
Link of the website will be available on top page of Graduate School of Science and Technology website during the above period.

After completing online pre-registration, read the following guidelnes and forms carefully, and submit the master's thesis and required documents on the designated date.

各種資料・書式 / Guideline and Forms

修士学位請求論文作成・提出要領 / Submission Guidelines for Master's Thesis
各種書式 / Forms
(1) 学位請求書/ Application for Degree
*Use a computer to fill out the form except student's name.
・全専攻(I-AUD除く/Except I-AUD)   【WORD】  【PDF】

(2) 論文表紙 / Thesis Front Cover Page
*Use a computer to fill out the form. Hand-writing is not acceptable.
・全専攻(I-AUD除く/Except I-AUD)   【WORD】  【PDF】

(3) 論文セット図 / How to Prepare Master's Thesis  【PDF】

【論文タイトル記載の際の注意点/ Notes for Thesis Title
*Write clearly spaces, Italic type, or any special characters.
*If there is a subtitle, please describe it same as the sample. Do not use “~”