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理工学研究科 海外研究助成制度/SST Overseas Research Grant Program

理工学研究科 海外研究助成制度/SST Overseas Research Grant Program


 The Graduate School of Science and Technology (SST) supports graduate students who are engaged in research at overseas research institutions through the “Graduate School of Science and Technology (SST) Overseas Research Grant Program" to financially assist them traveling overseas for research.

 This grant program is funded by the Meiji University School of Science and Technology Education and Research Promotion Fund. This fund gets financial support from designated donations in support of the objectives of the Fund which are to promote Education and Research Promotion in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the SST.



【制度概要】/About Grant Program

選考・審査 有(書面審査)
申請資格 理工学研究科 博士前期課程在籍者
 対象となる研究期間 1か月以上1年未満
 研究機関 海外の大学、国公立研究機関、非営利の研究所等
助成内容 渡航期間に応じて海外渡航費及び滞在費を助成(上限有)

Selection Method Document Review
Required Qualifications Master's Program Student of the Graduate School of Science and Technology
 Subsidy Period Between 1 month to 1 year from the start date of travel
 Examples of Overseas Research Institutes Overseas Universities, national and public research institutions, non-profit research institutes, etc.
 Application Period
Twice a year (Spring and Fall)
 Spring: For travel in the current fiscal year
 Fall     : For travel in the following fiscal year
Grants Grants for overseas travel and accommodation expenses based on the length of the trip (up to a maximum limit)
 ※Please check the application guidelines for details.


【2023年度募集期間(春募集):2023年4月1日~2023年5月8日 16:00締切 】


【FY2023 Application Period(Spring Application):April 1, 2023 to May 8, 2023 16:00 】

Subsidy Period:June 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

【2023年度募集期間(秋募集):2023年10月下旬~2023年12月上旬(予定) 】

【FY2023 Application Period(Fall Application):Late October, 2023 to Early December 2023 (planned)】
Subsidy Period:April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025


教務事務部 理工学部事務室(理工学研究科担当)

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