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ガイダンス関連情報 New Academic Year Orientation

2020年度ガイダンス / Orientation for 2020 AY

新入生へ 学生証について / For New Students [Student ID Card]

Student ID card will be mailed to student's address which written in the document for the enrollment procedure. Please inform the School of Science and Technology Office of your address via mail if you have not decided it when you submit the enrollment form.

他大学からの進学者へ / For New Students who graduated from other universities

Students who graduated from other universities must attend the【MIND Orientation】in order to use computer and internet inside the campus.

在学生へ 通学区間証明シールについて / For Students [The Certificate of Commuting Section]

The certificate of commuting section attached to the back side of Student ID card will be mailed to student's address. If it does not arrive until April 15th, please contact the School of Science and Technology Office.

ガイダンス / Orientation

To reduce the risk of infection of the coronavirus on campus, the university will be holding all orientation online.

教務事務ガイダンス / Guidance (4月23日更新/Updated on April 23rd)

Please see the orientation materials before classes start.

専攻別ガイダンス(博士前期課程) / Orientation for each Master's Program

➢ Oh-o!Meiji「グループ機能」の使い方は こちらをご参照ください。
Students can see materials for each program orientation at the group page of Oh-o!Meiji.
Instruction for Oh-o!Meiji system

健康診断 / Health Checkup

Health Checkup has been postponed until September. See the Student Support Office website for detailed schedule.

その他資料 / Others

授業関連 / Course Registration

研究科間共通科目 / Course Common to All Graduate School of Meiji University

大学院キャリアサポート関連 / Career Support Information

各種助成制度・研究関連 / Financial Aid, Research

各種助成制度 / Financial Aid
研究関連 / Research

その他 / Others