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ガイダンス関連情報 New Academic Year Orientation

2019年度ガイダンス日程 Schedule for 2019 Academic Year

(2019/4/6) 学生証引換証に同封した入学式の日時の御案内に誤りがございました。
The starting time for entrance ceremony has been corrected. Please check the following revised schedule.

Please check the orientation schedule at the following link for details (dates, venue, and contents.)

 -建築・都市学専攻 国際建築都市デザイン系および総合芸術系
 -建築学専攻 国際プロフェッショナルコース 

(1) Following students are required to attend the orientation at Nakano Campus.
  - I-AUD
    - Course in Places, Arts, and Consciousness
(2) "Student ID Card Exchange Slip" will be sent around mid-March to the address written on the exam application form.
    *For new I-AUD students who does not have an address in Japan, a scanned copy of the slip will be sent via email. 
(3) Students who graduated from other universities must attend the MIND orientation in order to use computers and internet inside the campus.

【生田キャンパス】ガイダンス日程表 Ikuta Campus Orientation Schedule (4月6日修正)
【中野キャンパス】ガイダンス日程表 Nakano Campus Orientation Schedule (Revised on April 6)

健康診断 Health Checkup

Students must havtake the health checkup every year at the campus where they belong. 
See the Student Support Office website for detailed schedule. 

ガイダンス欠席者について In case of absence

In case you are absent from the orientation, see the following instructions. 

【新入生ガイダンス New Student Orientation】

生田キャンパス:理工学部事務室  中野キャンパス:中野教務事務室
Bring the "Student ID Card Exchange Slip" to receive a program catalogue, student ID card, and a photocopy card.
Ikuta Campus: School of Science and Technology Office 
Nakano Campus: Nakano Academic Affairs Office

【在学生ガイダンス Currently Enrolled Student Orientation】
生田キャンパス:理工学部事務室 中野キャンパス:中野教務事務室
Bring the Student ID card to receive a certifying seal of commuting route and a photocopy card.
Ikuta Campus: School of Science and Technology Office  *Detailed schedule will be notified via Oh-o! Meiji System.
Nakano Campus: Nakano Academic Affairs Office

【専攻別ガイダンス Orientation for each Program】
Consult with your academic supervisor for the contents and details of orientation. 

【MIND利用講習会 MIND Orientation
You must attend MIND orientation to use various information services in Meiji University.
In case of absence, consult with the relevant office. 
Ikuta Campus: Ikuta Media Support Office
Nakano Campus: Self-access Center

(*2) 生田キャンパス:生田メディア支援事務室 中野キャンパス:セルフアクセスセンター

【ガイダンス資料 Orientation Materials】
Download necessary materials from the links below. Be sure to read them carefully. 

ガイダンス資料 Orientation Materials

ガイダンス関連 Orientation

*Some links will be available after the orientation. 

(1)ガイダンス説明資料 Orientation Materials
生田キャンパス用(博士前期)Ikuta Campus (Master's Program)
生田キャンパス用(博士後期)Ikuta Campus (Doctoral Program)
Nakano Campus(Master's Program)


履修登録関連 Course Registration

大学院キャリアサポート関連 Career Support Information

各種助成制度・研究関連 Financial Aid, Research

その他資料 Others