Go Forward




In this seminar, we will study the history and art of cinema. We will begin with the study of basic film concepts and vocabulary (focusing on English-language films). In the second semester, we will focus on contemporary Japanese films. The third and fourth semester will be focused on writing the senior thesis. The class is taught in English, but films will be in Japanese or have Japanese subtitles, and we will use a mix of English and Japanese in class.


To participate in this seminar, you should have a basic interest in film (but you don't need to be an expert). You should be comfortable speaking, reading, and writing in English (but you don't need to be bilingual). You will write your senior thesis in English (with help from the professor).


Recent thesis topics have included: "Uncomfortable Feelings About People with Disabilities in the Media," "Weathering with You as a Turning Point: What Is 'Shinkai World'?," "The Ideal Way to Translate Humor Through Subtitles," and "Repeat Customers: Why and How Audiences Watch Uta no Prince-Sama Many Times."


We have a lot of fun in this seminar! My goal is for you to learn how to see movies in a new way. I'm very flexible about your thesis topics and final projects / writing assignments--I want you to choose topics that are interesting to you. Attendance is very important, though--if you want to participate, please be sure that you will be able to attend classes regularly!