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院生からのメッセージ 【博士前期課程】


経営学専攻 2年生
岩渕 悠希 IWABUCHI Yuki





師事している教員:鈴木 研一教授


院生からのメッセージ 【博士後期課程】

I am grateful for the opportunity to improve not only my research abilities but also the skills for communication, critical thinking and problem solving

経営学専攻 2年

イドリッソバ アイナッシュ IDRISSOVA AINASH


I entered Meiji University as a research student in 2015 and was strongly motivated to continue my studies as a Master and Doctoral student here due to several reasons.

First, besides attending lectures, I had an opportunity to meet truly inspiring researchers with various interests and background either at international conferences or at events organized by the Graduate School of Business Administration. During my studies as a Master student, I also participated in the double degree program with a leading technology-oriented university in Malaysia – UTM, which allowed me to expand the horizons of my knowledge and experience.

Secondly, as my research is related to the area of international management, it is important to have access to the up-to-date information, which is fully provided at Meiji via the rich library and online resources, media rooms and laboratories. Moreover, I was encouraged to think critically during the classes, and discuss some real-life issues from different points of view – both theoretical and practical.

Finally, people are what makes Meiji University special for me. Although sometimes it might be challenging to be a foreign student in Japan, I always could rely on the support of my supervisor, faculty members, administrative staff, or my classmates.

I believe that continuing as a graduate student in Meiji provided me with the opportunity to improve not only my research skills, but also helped me to build a good start for my future career in Japan.

 師事している教員:加藤志津子 教授(Prof. KATO Shizuko)

I am a first year doctoral student of the Graduate School of Business Administration research course at Meiji University. My research interest is closely related to studies of international business and comparative management.

Under the supervision of professor Kato Shizuko, our laboratory focuses mostly on the business management studies in Russia and Central/East Europe. In this regard, students at our laboratory have an opportunity to conduct research using Japanese, English and Russian sources of information.