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明治大学 経営学部

 ハイアットリージェンシー京都訪問は今回で5回目です。いまでは、General Manager (総支配人)の横山健一郎さんとは、長いおつきあいになっています。毎年、7月下旬に訪問するのですが、今回は、期末試験が終わった後の8月の猛暑の中での訪問でした。

13:30〜18:30 新人スタッフ導入トレーニング見学、人事部アシスタントマネジャー、牧野さんからのホテル紹介、総支配人の横山さんよりホテル概要についての説明、料飲部長の和田さんより料飲部の仕事についてのお話

10:30〜12:30 人事部長の竹田さんによる人事業務のお話
12:30〜 竹田さんを交えてホテルでの昼食@Trattoria Sette
14:30 ホテル出発(京都駅へ)

専任講師 鷲見 淳
  In this Field Study C, we visited Hyatt Regency Kyoto. Since our first visit in 2011 this is the fifth visit, and Mr. Kenichiro Yokoyama, a general manager of the hotel, has been accommodating us for the interviews with managers and staffs. Upon the arrival, to our surprise, we found that two students from Meiji University (one from the Commerce Department, the other is from the Global Study Department) were then working for the Hyatt as a student intern.
 The main theme of this Field Study C was international management of foreign-affiliated hotels in Japan. In contrast with declining Ryokans and Japanese hotel chains, many foreign-affiliated hotel chains demonstrate remarkable performances within a wider trend for the re-development of major cities in Japan. Why? Is there any difference in the ways hotel business is managed and in the ways service is provided between Japanese and foreign-affiliated hotels?
 In this Field Study C, we had extensive interviews with Mr. Yokoyama, and with other managers and staffs of the hotel by focusing on “soft” side of the hotel business – services and human resource management.
 Although the visit lasted for only 2 days, we had almost 12 hours of formal as well as informal interviews, and during lunch and dinner time, Yokoyama san and Takeda san, a human resource manager, gave us precious advises for job hunting and told us their own experiences when they were hunting for the jobs. These formal and informal conversations with managers and staffs were, for students, really fresh and mind-opening experiences when compared with lectures in classroom environments.
 Hyatt Regency Kyoto does not only cooperate with Meiji University in the internship program. The hotel also helps us in many other ways: In every visit, Yokoyama san gave us a special discount rate for staying at the hotel as well as other discounts for lunches and dinners in the hotel restaurants, and even exempted us paying for using the conference rooms all day. We have no words to say thank you, Yokoyama san!