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フィールドスタディA(Various sites in Tokyo:ブラッドフォード先生)実施報告

明治大学 経営学部

 Some of the most valuable information in the world isn't located in a library or online, and field study is a way of finding out that information. In June 2015, fourteen students completed small-group field-study research projects at various locations throughout the Tokyo area. The students worked collaboratively with the professor and chose research topics that aligned with their interests. They designed a research plan and went out into the field to explore their topic. One group went to Harajuku to investigate the current cupcake trend. A group with a passion for fashion visited three different university campuses to observe college-girl clothing choices. A group who enjoy running watched marathoners train at the imperial palace. Another group explored the coffee drinking habits of Tokyoites, and a final group studied the make-up preferences of people in Shibuya. Upon returning to the classroom, each group presented their findings to the class and fielded questions from the audience. They also wrote up their results to present in final projects.  

Professor Bradford