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 i -meetingって?

What is i-meeting?
"i-meeting" is an international exchange event prepared and run by students. Representatives of the international students will present and share their own  country's  culture, tradition, social difference and etc... from various aspects. After the session, students will enjoy having a small party. Lets get together, make friends and broaden your mind!
12月14日(金)のi-meetingは、阿部 卓先生と阿部卓ゼミ生が運営します。みなさん是非ご参加ください!
【日時】12月14日(金)17:30~20:00(受付開始 17:10~)
【場所】和泉キャンパス 第一校舎6階 第一会議室
Event Detail
Associate Prof. Abe and his seminar students will coordinate this i-meeting. Please feel free to join!
[Date/Time] December 14 (Fri) 5:30pm (Reception starts 5:10pm)
[Place] Izumi Campus (Conference room, 6th floor in the No.1 Building)
*Pre-registration is required for this i-meeting.
 Please access to Oh-o!Meiji system and answer a questionnaire. ★Click Here!
   ※The fixed number of this event is 50 students. (first-come-first-served basis). 
*Please let us know in advance if you would like to cancel your participation. If you absent from this event without notice, you may not be allowed to participate in the future i-meeting.